Finally hit Oklahoma, theoretically the middle — east/west wise — of the country (I don’t feel like doing the math so I am not sure where it is on our trip considering there is a side trip).

We celebrated in style at the rest stop, with a self-portrait of course.

Becca and Cory at the Oklahoma sign


We then set off on our road trip side trip to Wakita, OK, where Cory’s mom’s side of the family lives. Wakita is up in the north central part of the state, north of Enid, close to the border with Kansas. It is quite rural. And quite flat.

Oklahoma Landscape

Rural flatness Exhibit A

Oklahoma Landscape #2

Rural flatness Exhibit B

I do not joke about the flatness of the landscape. I have never seen anything so flat. It was rather pretty actually. A little disconcerting too 🙂

One fun sidenote. TWISTER was filmed in Wakita.

Becca in front of the Twister museum

I couldn't help myself.

We spent two days in Wakita, visiting with Cory’s family, touring the area, eating yummy food (banana pudding, bread, stew…) and just spending time chatting and relaxing. It was a nice midway stop on our cross-country adventure. Our butts surely welcomed the break (as did the cats).

– B –


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