Day 1: 591 Miles Down

A mere 2,000 miles and change short of our first destination, and I’m tired. Uneventful thus far: desert, mountains, snow, townies who could have probably made a fortune suing for a portion of the rights to The Hills Have Eyes.

I’m truly exhausted… to the extent that my inaugural day’s assessment will be a simple list: 3 things I’ve learned on the road.

1.) The Verizon map in those “F U AT&T” ads needs a little adjustment. No 3g from Needles, CA until Flagstaff, AZ.

I really shouldn’t complain. Between staring into the mountain caps and having real-life conversations (gasp) with Bec, the digital solitude paid off.

2.) The person who opens a decent barber shop in Kingsman, AZ will become fabulously wealthy. I’ve never seen a town quite so deprived of a single good haircut. If someone gets their inspiration for opening such a business from me, please let me know so that we can work out royalties.

3.) Cats get nervous in cars. And sometimes, that makes them pee. In fact, Bec’s cat did just that.

I suppose that this could lead to a forth lesson: cat pee is one of the worst olfactory experiences one can have inside of a confined space. I had a 90-lb. golden retriever as a child that we took on road trips. That humongous dog farted in the car. That car smelled bad. This car smelled worse.

Good first day. Tomorrow it’s off to Amarillo.



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